From a small garage to one of the biggest cosmetics brands in the country!

A past that brings the essence of important attitudes for the present and big dreams for the future.

We are a Group with 3 own brands that is present in Brazil and in the world.

Since 2007, the Ells Group has always sought innovations to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market. Line of electronic and cosmetic products aimed at offering professional solutions, valuing quality above all else.

We exceed our customers expectations, bringing satisfaction and trust to people, in a constant search for innovation, within strict quality standards to facilitate daily life with safety and great performance.



Delivering the best experience for our customers in everything we do.


To be recognized as a company of excellence in products and services, to expand throughout Brazil and abroad, with the commitment to continuous improvement of our products and services.


Customer satisfaction is the reason for our existence.
Simplicity and Humility always.
Ethics is non-negotiable.
We are happy with opportunities and face problems head on. They help us to mature much faster.
Respect for the Environment, this is what gives us the perspective of tomorrow.


products for beauty salon and home care line


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